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O k a s h i  レストラン m e n u 

All the elaborations are homemade with the best ingredients and of course 100% gluten-free.
All of our savory menu is also 100% dairy-free. Some of our desserts  may contain milk protein, ask our team.
Since the end of last year we have worked very hard to duplicate our menu in a vegan version, with special emphasis on textures and flavors. You can find the dishes with vegan options with a V on the menu.

Entrantes 11-4-23 ingles.png
Principales 5-5-23 ingles.png
MAIN DISHES PAGE 2 12-4-2023 - ingles.png
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bebidas 21-10-23 ingles.png
bebidas 21-10-23 ingles.png
bebidas 21-10-23 ingles.png
Lista alergenos 12-4-24.png
Lista alergenos 3-6-23 POSTRES- copia.png
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